Getting Around Oakland

Flying into Oakland is the most convenient way of getting into the city from far distances. The most convenient airport option is Oakland International Airport, which is located just outside of the city center. This airport typically serves over 150,000 passenger aircrafts each year and nearly 10 million passengers. The airport is largely considered the discount airport option for people in the Bay Area. While international flights are available, most incoming flights are from other major cities located in the Western United States.

Those coming from further distances will likely have to travel though San Francisco International Airport, which is located just a 20 minute drive away from Oakland. This airport handles over 400,000 flights each year and over 43 million passengers. Direct flights are available in and out of this airport from all major cities in the United States, including Hawaii. International flights to several destinations in Europe, Asia, and Australia are also handled on a daily basis out of this airport.

Those that do not want to fly could take advantage of the Greyhound bus service that provides daily stops in Oakland. Travelers can ultimately connect to Oakland from any other city in the United States using the Greyhound bus service. Another option would be to take the Amtrak train, which offers both regional and national train service to customers. Trains leave from Oakland on a daily basis and can be used to connect to anywhere in the country.

Once inside the city, there are various public transportation options. Much of the public transportation in the area is served by the Bay Area Rapid Transit system. This public transportation system serves both San Francisco and Oakland. There are a total of eight different train stations located in Oakland, which are located throughout the city. Over 350,000 people use this rapid transit train service on a daily basis.

Another public transportation option in Oakland is the AC Transit system. This is the most expansive public transportation system in Oakland as it has a total of 175 different bus lines that stop at a total of 6,500 different bus stops found all over the city. The bus system has a fleet of over 650 different buses and over 225,000 passengers ride the AC Transit buses on a daily basis.