Getting Around Oklahoma City

For people coming from far distances, the best way to get into Oklahoma City would be to fly through Will Rogers Worlds Airport. This airport is the busiest in the State of Oklahoma as it serves over 3.5 million passengers each year. Several major airlines including Delta, United, and Southwest operate flights out of Will Rogers Airport on a daily basis. Passengers can connect into the airport directly from several different cities including Dallas, Houston, Denver, Chicago, and Atlanta.

Another option for getting into Oklahoma City would be to take train. The city is served by the national Amtrak train system, which operates a station downtown. The train service operates a daily train to Fort Worth, TX and can be used to connect to virtually any other major city across the United States.

Many people that come into Oklahoma City choose to take one of the national bus lines that operates out of the area. Both the Greyhound and MegaBus bus services operate buses out of the area. Travelers that take the bus into the city can get there within just a few hours from several different cities located throughout Oklahoma and Texas. Buses arrive and depart from the Union Bus Station several times throughout the day.

For people that are coming from distance locations, the best option may be to drive. The city is well located near the interchange of several major interstates. Interstates 35, 40, and 44 all run nearby Oklahoma City and provide access to a number of different major cities. People that are coming from the Dallas Fort Worth area could drive into the city within four hours, those coming from Tulsa could arrive in less than one hour, and those coming from Wichita, KS could arrive in less than three hours.

Once a traveler has arrived in Oklahoma City, there are a few options for getting around. The city is served by the Metro Transit public transportation service, which operates largely within the city limits. There are a total of 28 different bus lines, which run throughout the city. Several of the bus lines do run into the surrounding communities. On the weekends, there are express buses available between downtown Oklahoma City, and Norman, OK. The buses run until about 7pm at night and until midnight on the weekends.