Getting Around Omaha

For people coming into Omaha from far distances, the most convenient option would be to fly into Eppley Airfield, a major airport located just outside of the city. The airport is that largest airport in the state as it serves over 4 million passengers each year. Several different major international airlines including Delta, Southwest, and Frontier Airlines operate flights out of the airport on a daily basis. Direct flights to several major US cities including Denver, Chicago, and Dallas are available several times throughout the day.

Another way for getting into Omaha would be to take a bus. Both the Greyhound and MegaBus bus lines operate daily buses in and out of Omaha. Travelers that choose to take the bus can connect to any major city in the United States. Travelers taking the bus can get to Des Moines, IA within three hours, Kansas City, MO within four hours, and Lincoln, NE within one hour.

Due to the city's centric location and low level of traffic, driving into Omaha may be a good option for people coming from nearby distances. Interstate 80 and Interstate 29 both run right through the city. Drivers that are coming in can get to Omaha within just a few hours from a few different cities including Des Moines, Kansas City, Sioux City, and Minneapolis.

Once inside the city of Omaha, there are a number of options for getting around the city. The most expansive public transportation option is the large bus system that is operated by Omaha Metro. This bus system has over a dozen different bus lines that run throughout the city and into the suburban communities. There are hundreds of different stops located along the lines. Travelers can take the bus to the airport or national bus stations or even across the river into Council Bluffs, IA. Millions of people ride the bus on a monthly basis.

Those that are looking for a more convenient way to get around the city could consider taking advantage of the many different taxi services available. Taxi drivers will provide flat rates for customers to go anywhere in the city. Taxis are often an ideal choice for people going to and from the airport.