Getting Around Orlando

Lynx Public Transportation
One of the most convenient ways to get around Orlando is to ride the Lynx public bus system. Links has 61 different bus routes that carry approximately 85,000 passengers each day. The Lynx system also includes special shuttle buses for the handicapped as well as a vanpool system for commuters. There are also special FastLink routes to help commuters save time by reducing the number of stops on their route.

Car Rental
Orlando is a very popular tourist destination and has many attractions within the city. Because of the many attractions, there are also several car rental agencies available at the Orlando International Airport as well as throughout the city. You can get any size vehicle to meet your requirements from a compact car to a shuttle bus. Renting a car is the most convenient method since you can go where you need on your own schedule.

I-Ride Trolley's
If you are not in a hurry and want to take a ride on a fun vehicle in Orlando, then hop onto the I-Ride Trolley. This special trolley is set on a shuttle bus frame and is an inexpensive way to get around International Drive with its numerous attractions and activities. You can pay by cash or get a special ride pass that gives you unlimited rides for the amount of days you designate. Passes are sold online or at the I-Ride stations.

Taxi Cabs
Orlando has a number of Taxi Cab companies due to the local attractions and amusement parks. Taxis are a quick and convenient way to get from one location to another in town. You can find taxis waiting in front of many of the amusement parks and attractions. If you are staying at a hotel, the valet attendant or front desk can get a cab service to pick you up out front and take you to your destination.

Private Shuttles
If you are staying at a hotel in Orlando, there are many hotels in town that provide shuttle service to several local attractions. You can also take a shuttle from the Orlando International Airport to your hotel. These private shuttles can save you a lot of money during your stay in town. Some of the local parks also have private shuttles like Epcot Center, Disney World and many others that will provide complimentary shuttle service to their properties.