Orlando Dining

Chatham's Place
This is one of the most romantic places to eat in the city. They offer live music from a piano to put you in the mood to spend a lovely evening with the person you love. You can also eat there with family and friends, or you can have a business meeting. There is a small dining area, but the tables are not close together. The food is put together exquisitely, and you can see the chefs preparing your dish behind a large glass.

Earl of Sandwich
If you are looking for a fun place to eat that is not expensive, then this is it. They serve numerous types of sandwiches that will make you want more. It is close to the amusement parks so that you can get a bite to eat while you are taking a rest from walking. While you are in the restaurant, you can get free refills. Wraps and salads are also served.

Seasons 52
This is a location that has dishes ranging from affordable to very expensive. The portions are filling, and there is a large selection on the menu. There is a bar, and the restaurant offers live music at times. The mini desserts are scrumptious and should not be ignored. If you want something healthy, they have large salads to choose from as well as roasted corn on the cob.

J Alexander's
The food is exquisite, and the service is like none other in the area. They serve dinner to families, and the environment is indicative of a great restaurant. The staff cares about the customers, and they will do everything they can to please you through the meal. The brownie and vanilla ice cream are delicious.

Yellow Dog Eats Café
If you are looking for a true Orlando experience, then this is the place to eat at. They have a unique selection of dishes that are great for families with children as well as people who might be looking for something different. They serve food through the day so that you can get a nice meal whenever you are in the city. Some of the strange dishes include bbq with macaroni and cheese on a sandwich. These combinations make people come back again and again to see what is new on the menu.