Getting Around Parsippany

Parsippany, New Jersey, is conveniently located at the crossroads of the East Coast. Owing to its prime geographical location in Morris County, travelers to Parsippany have easy access to numerous major regional road, rail, and bus lines. These transit arteries will also afford visitors entry into the major metropolitan areas of New York and Newark. Whether seeking to visit a larger city or looking to spend a relaxing weekend in town, Parsippany is a key travel destination for visitors to the Eastern Seaboard.

Numerous major roadways pass through Parsippany, making visits to the town and its attractions a low-stress task. Intersecting Parsippany are three major Interstates: 80, 280 and 287. Additionally, U.S. routes 46 and 202, New Jersey Routes 10 and 53, and County Route 511 pass through the Parsippany area. These thoroughfares provide access to the town, scenic tourist sites like Lake Parsippany Park, and major cities like New York, Newark, and Philadelphia.

Visitors to Parsippany will find that travel around town on the local bus, known as Parsippany Transit, is both easy and convenient. With only two lines and numerous stops, riders can easily get from popular attractions, like the Craftsman Farms National Historic site, without making extensive and exhausting transfers. Please note: Parsippany Transit is closed on Sundays and on holidays. Bus service on the New Jersey Transit system provides routes to Newark, as well as several local routes around Morris County. For travelers heading to or from New York, Lakeland Bus Lines also provides regular service to Parsippany.

Trains are one of the most popular means of traversing the Parsippany region. From the Mount Tabor station in Parsippany, visitors can access the Hoboken Terminal and Midtown Manhattan's Penn Station via the New Jersey Transit's Morristown Line. Much like the local Parsippany Transit system, the single railway into the Hoboken Terminal and Penn Station means travelers will have an easy time getting there and away.

Parsippany, New Jersey, truly lies at the crossroads of the Eastern Seaboard. Straddling the boundary between New England and the Mid-Atlantic, visitors to Parsippany will discover a charming town with numerous access points to other major cities in the region. Travel by road, bus, and rail in the Parsippany area to the surrounding communities is as easy as spending a relaxing weekend in town. Visitors will enjoy the beauty and convenience of a stop in historic Parsippany.