Getting Around Phoenix

Phoenix, Arizona is a beautiful place to visit. There is a wide variety of entertainment available. The food and drink options are diverse and delicious. The weather is fantastic year-round. It is quite easy to get around and see all the great things in Phoenix. Here are all the great transportation options Phoenix has to offer.

Public Transportation Options:
The Phoenix Public Transit Department provides many great transportation options. There are light rail and bus options available. The light rail is the best option for people that will be traveling around the downtown area. The light rail system moves people around very efficiently, and it is a great bargain for those that will be doing a lot of traveling over the course of the day. People only need to pay one low fare to be able to ride the light rail trains all day.

Those that plan to use public transportation outside of the downtown area will need to take the Phoenix Valley Metro buses lines. These lines are quite extensive and travel all around the city. Do not forget to get a transfer immediately upon boarding, if necessary.

The taxi system in Phoenix is very good. They are easy to find all over the city. The fares are very inexpensive for short ride, but be careful to avoid taking them over long distances. Long distance rides in Phoenix can add up very quickly, and are an awful choice for those trying to stretch their travel budgets.

Car Service:
One of the best transportation tips in Phoenix is to call a car service. They offer more elegant service and a range of vehicle options, but they cost the same as a taxi. Plan ahead and get a reservation with a car service while in Phoenix. It is an affordable and classy way to get around town.

There are many shuttle services available in Phoenix. They can easily be found at the airport, and they are very economical. The shuttles will take riders anywhere they want to go in the Tempe-Phoenix metropolitan area.

Rental Cars:
For those planning on visiting Phoenix, the quickest and easiest way to get around Phoenix is to rent a car. Phoenix is a sprawling metropolis with ample parking, so renting a car just makes sense. It is best to make a reservation ahead of time, because the best rental car options in Phoenix often go fast.