Getting Around Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is a fantastic place, full of things to do and see, but you'll find that before you can enjoy it, you need to figure out how you can get where you are going. While Pittsburgh has many walkable neighborhoods, you will find that it is best to see the sites using a car or some form of public transport. What are your options when you are thinking about seeing this gorgeous city?

If you want to drive, remember to make sure that you have a GPS in the car. Pittsburgh is an older city, and there are plenty of different one-way streets and dead-ends to trip you up. You can pick up car rentals in any airport, and you will discover that this might be the best way to see the city if you are invested being on your own schedule.

When you want to make sure that you can get around without a car, consider checking out public transportation system, run by Port Authority. There are both light rail and bus options open to you, though the schedules may seem a little confusing at first glance. Bus service is highly reliable, and light rail, known familiarly as the T, also has its benefits. Take advantage of the T when you want to get around the south side of Pittsburgh and between downtown and the suburbs. The bus serves you well for other locations.

Pittsburgh is also very accessible via taxi, though the taxis roaming the streets and looking for fares are less common than might be preferred. The best way to get a taxi is to call in advnace for a pickup and to make sure that you will have one available when you need it. Downtown Pittsburgh is the only location where you can typically hail a taxi, and your best bet when you wish to do so is typically to find a hotel that has several taxis parked in front of it. There are also typically taxis available at the airport and at the transport hubs.

Pittsburgh is an excellent city if you want to ride your bike recreationally; however, you will find that street cycling can be a little hazardous. However, Pittsburgh poses no problem to the urban cyclist who is familiar with bumpy city streets and narrow, one-way roads. If you want to bike for fun, hit one of the many bike trails.