Pittsburgh Dining

People traveling to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, will be thrilled with the dining options that await them. No matter their tastes or budgets, they will be able to find a restaurant to suit their needs. From trendy downtown restaurants to ethnic grocery stores, there is something for everyone.

There are a few different districts that people looking for a unique dining experience should head to. Bloomfield, located three miles from the center of the city, is Pittsburgh's Little Italy. It's hard to pick a bad restaurant in the area, but if you want a truly authentic Italian meal, try Cafe Roma or Alexander's Pasta Express. If you're in Pittsburgh in late September, don't miss Bloomfield's Little Italy days where residents take to the streets to celebrate the Italian heritage.

If you like an eclectic mix of ethnic foods, head to Pittsburgh's Strip District, which is just a five minute cab ride from downtown. Wander the streets and check out the area's many ethnic grocery stores and food vendors. If you'd prefer a restaurant meal, Kaya is an excellent one to try. This fusion restaurant combines Latin American, Caribbean, and Southeastern Asian flavors to create its interesting and delicious menu.

No matter where you go in Pittsburgh, there are a few staples of the city's cuisine that you shouldn't miss. Stop by the iconic Primanti Brothers in the Strip District. At this restaurant, you can order cole slaw, french fries, and other ingredients of your choice, sandwiched between two slices of Italian bread and wrapped in waxed paper. If you're in a local restaurant and trying to decide what to eat, keep an eye out for a few local favorites. Try some halushky, which are soft potato noodles or dumplings; pierogies, which are dumplings made of unleavened dough; kolbasi, which is a type of sausage; stuffed cabbage, which is cabbage cooked and stuffed with beef or ham, served with cheese or tomato sauce; city chicken, which is cubes of pork that are threaded on a skewer and baked, fried, or breaded; and chipped ham, which is ham sliced razor thin, mixed with barbecue sauce, and served on a sandwich.