Getting Around Poughkeepsie

Almost centrally located between Albany to the north and New York City to the south, Duchess County and its county seat are well situated for local residents, visitors and travelers. Myriad options for transportation in and around Poughkeepsie, NY, await both return visitors and new arrivals.

Local Transportation Options
If you drive in the area, an abundance of one-way streets seem somewhat unusual in a town this size, but virtually everyone quickly orients himself or herself and navigates the streets and highways very easily.

When you prefer to have someone else drive, the metropolitan bus system services much of the city. If you prefer faster travel, taxicabs operate 24 hours each day. Between the City of Poughkeepsie Transit system, buses and cabs, you can travel to anywhere in the area you would like, whether you arrive by car, rail, bus or airplane from the Duchess County airport.

If you want to travel in style to dinner, the theater or enjoy a night on the town, schedule limousine service for the evening. Head south to the Big Apple, north to the state capitol or stay locally for the fine dining and the many sights, both historical and contemporary.

Longer-Distance Transportation Options
You have several options when traveling cross-country in and around the Poughkeepsie area. You have extensive local options as well as motor coaches, trains and even air planes at both Duchess County Airport and Stewart International Airport, both a short distance from Poughkeepsie.

Greyhound is the cross-country bus carrier in the area. Arrive in the downtown area, call a cab or take a bus and head straight to family, friends or lodging. Schedules to and from the area include multiple arrivals and departures daily for terrific timing versatility.

Both Amtrak and Metro-North Railway have stations in Poughkeepsie. Whether you head north from New York City or South from Albany or even Canada, Amtrak can take you into the Duchess County seat, resting on the eastern bank of the Hudson River. Choose from the Adirondack route or the Ethan Allen Express. Poughkeepsie also acts as the northern terminus of the Metro North commuter rail, which makes travel to and from New York City a breeze.

From roadway to rail way to air way, transportation in and around Poughkeepsie, NY, offers a wide selection of options and schedules. As you travel in or around this scenic area, enjoy "The Queen City of the Hudson."