Welcome to Poughkeepsie

Walkway Over the Hudson
Formerly an old railroad bridge, the Walkway Over the Hudson shines as a popular attraction in Poughkeepsie. Rising more than 200 feet high and spanning more than a mile over the Hudson River, the Walkway Over the Hudson is the world's longest, elevated pedestrian bridge. Visitors can indulge in magnificent views of the river and surrounding area while enjoying various activities along the bridge such as walking, biking, jogging, roller skating, bird watching, picnicking and more. Posters located at different spots along the bridge inform visitors about the history of both the bridge and the Hudson River. Restrooms, bike racks and picnic tables are situated at each end of the bridge as well as food and beverage vendors.

Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center
Located on the campus of Vassar College, the Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center displays a wide array of art exhibits that range from antiquity to contemporary periods. The center offers more than 18,000 art objects that include drawings, paintings, sculptures, photographs, glass, textiles and more. Visitors can admire the works of renown artists like Pablo Picasso, Georgia O'Keeffe, Francis Bacon, Balthus and Arthur Dove as well as the contemporary works donated by local college graduates.

Bardavon Opera House
Built in 1869, the Bardavon Opera House is New York's oldest theater still in continuous operation. At this beautifully restored theater, guests can enjoy live performances of theater, dance, opera, music and more. Featuring excellent acoustics and comfortable seating, the theater also offers guests coffee and tea before performances.

Locust Grove
A site well worth visiting, Locust Grove is a huge estate starring the former home of inventor and artist, Samuel Morse. Guided tours of the three level mansion are offered where guests can view up to 25 rooms that feature collections of antique furniture, paintings, ceramics and more. Additionally, guests can explore the outside carriage house that shelters vintage carriages and cars. The Locust Grove estate also showcases formal gardens and five miles of walking trails that lead to scenic views of the Hudson River.

Mid-Hudson Children's Museum
The Mid-Hudson Children's Museum features a host of hands-on activities for children to learn about the world around them. Children can engage in exciting interactive exhibits to learn about water tides, gravity, dinosaur fossils, rock climbing and more. The museum also offers a recreated town where children can learn to shop, build a house and make a cake. Another exhibit allows children to discover the fish that live in the nearby Hudson River. The planetarium gives children the opportunity to see the star constellations.