Getting Around Raleigh

Raleigh is located near the middle of the state, North Carolina's capital city. A fast-growing metropolitan area, it is known for its many oak trees. The Atlantic Ocean is found about a two-hour drive east from Raleigh while the Great Smoky Mountains lie about a four-hour drive westward. Airplanes, public transportation and roadways in and to the city make it easily accessible from the rest of the state, the eastern coast, the United States and the world.

Many private airports and small public airports are within the region of Raleigh. Small and private airplanes and jets are commonly used to commute into and out of the city.

The Raleigh-Durham International Airport is situated between the two major cities. The airport is just off Interstate 40. This facility serves most of the eastern part of North Carolina, and it has over 30 direct destinations around the country and the world.

For those driving their own cars or rentals, Interstate 440 makes a loop around the city and Interstate 40 connects Wilmington to the east and Durham to the west with Raleigh. Several highways both interstate and state connect in the metropolis as well like U.S. Route 1 and NC Route 50.

For those who wish to rent a car within the city or the surrounding area, options are available at the Raleigh-Durham International Airport. Then, numerous companies also have locations throughout the metropolitan area for convenient rental.

While many do not think of feet and bicycles when it comes to transportation, Raleigh does. The U.S. Bicycle Route #1 runs through the city. This route is a south to north bike run from Florida to Maine. A North Carolina Bicycle Route #5 runs through Raleigh west to east. Many roadways within the city also have a bike paths, and public buses are equipped with bike racks.

The Capital Area Greenway System is an extensive network of pedestrian trails throughout Raleigh. These trails are open to walkers, joggers and bicyclists.

Public Transport
Buses - Two bus systems service the city center and suburbs of Raleigh. The two systems are the Capital Area Transit or "CAT" and the Triangle Transit. Then, the university operates its own bus system. Greyhound operates intercity.

Railways - The large passenger train station in Raleigh is one of Amtrak's most frequented stops. The station also is the place where four other passenger train systems stop.