Welcome to Rancho Cordova

Nimbus Winery
Started in 1873, the Nimbus Winery is a historic landmark in the city of Rancho Cordova. Beginning with 150 acres, the winery now covers more than 2,000 acres and has grown to include a shopping center with specialty shops, restaurants and more. There are regular tours given of the winery and a narration of the history of the winery during the tour.

Garbeau's Dinner Theater
If you enjoy having dinner while watching a live play, then check out Garbeau's Dinner Theater in Rancho Cordova. The Dinner Theater has won a number of awards for its outstanding plays and shows. Operating for over 28 years, Garbeau's Dinner Theater hosts not only live shows, but comedy nights and family theater events. Garbeau's offers group and corporate discounts as well as special theater dinner menus for you to enjoy.

Delta Ecotours
When you want to explore the California Delta near Rancho Cordova, book a tour with Delta Ecotours. These Ecotours will show you the nature and history of the Delta region around Sacramento as well as the farms and organic crops that are grown. The Delta Ecotours provides boats that allow you to travel up and down the delta as the tour guide provides a narration of the history of the area as well as a description of how the farmers use organic means to produce their crops.

Sacramento Children's Museum
If you want to visit a place that the family can enjoy together, then check out the Sacramento Children's Museum. Opened in August of 2011, the Sacramento Children's Museum offers exhibits and displays that help children to explore the nature and environment around them. The exhibits include subjects like waterways, airways, your neighborhood, raceways, arts and more. The museum charges an admission fee, but group and corporate discounts are available. The museum also includes educational classes that explain the science behind many of the displays and exhibits.

Sacramento Zoo
When you want to explore the world of animals, check out the Sacramento Zoo in Rancho Cordova. The zoo offers many exciting exhibits with animals from around the world that range from lemurs and gibbons to parrots, owls, eagles and much more. The zoo also includes reptiles, fish and amphibians. The Sacramento Zoo offers many classes and educational camps for children to help them learn about the environment around them as well as the animals native habitats.