Welcome to Rockford

Anderson Japanese Gardens
Spreading across 14 acres, the Anderson Japanese Gardens is an attraction that should be experienced in Rockford. Featuring a wide array of diverse plants, flowers and trees, the foliage of the gardens presents dazzling displays every season of the year. Visitors will encounter charming bridges, quaint gates and artistic sculptures along winding paths in addition to refreshing waterfalls and serene ponds of vibrantly colored koi fish. Photography lovers will delight over the many splendid photo opportunities available in these stunning gardens. Other visitors may choose to simply stroll along in the gardens' tranquility and beauty or relax on a bench. The gardens also feature a guest house, tea house and gift shop.

Discovery Center Museum
The Discovery Center Museum is a wonderful place where children, and even adults, can learn about life's many fundamentals and wonders through fun, interactive exhibits. By participating in hands-on activities and simulated exhibits, visitors can learn about the likes of tornadoes, electricity, weather, light, the human body and more. Additionally, guests can experience different careers like those of doctors, nurses and newscasters. The center also offers a large, outdoor wooden fort constructed with mazes, stairs, bridges and a cave. Guests can also engage in various arts and crafts projects.

Tinker Swiss Cottage and Gardens
Situated on the site of the original settlement of Rockford, the Tinker Swiss Cottage was built and owned by Rockford's first mayor, Robert Hall Tinker. Built in 1870 upon Native American burial grounds, the beautiful Victorian mansion is constructed in the architecture of a quaint Swiss cottage. Visitors can enjoy guided tours of the mansion where they will learn about the interesting history of the home and view the Rockford family's original furnishings, diaries, clothing, art works and furniture. Outside the cottage, the gardens feature a charming bridge and two hundred year old trees.

Midway Village and Museum Center
Covering 137 acres, the Midway Village and Museum Center features a replicated village from the early 1900s. Visitors can observe several historical buildings like the Old Millhouse as well as class rooms, libraries, workrooms and more. Museum exhibits include antique objects and artifacts like maps, books, clothing, housewares, toys, tools and more.

CoCo Key Water Resort
CoCo Key Water Resort is a tropical themed, indoor water park offering more than 60,000 square feet of water fun that includes water slides, pools, a lazy river and play island. Additionally, the water park offers a video game arcade and food bar.