Getting Around San Jose

For commuters coming into the San Jose area, the most convenient option would be to fly into Norman Y Mineta San Jose International Airport, which is just a few miles from the city's central business district. The airport is the busiest in the city as it serves over 5 million passengers and 200,000 flights each year. About a dozen different airlines operate flights out of the airport. Direct flights are available to pretty much all major cities in the Western half of the United States and various locations in Mexico. Those that are looking to fly from further destinations could fly into San Francisco International Airport, which provides direct flights to hundreds of different airports and is located just thirty minutes from the San Jose CBD.

Driving is another option for getting into San Jose as Interstates 5, 380, and 680 all run through the city's metro area. Drivers could get to the San Francisco / Oakland area is thirty minutes or less by driving. Driving to Sacramento would typically take at least two hours and driving to Los Angeles may take up to six hours, depending on the time of day.

Another option for getting into San Jose would be to take a train. The city is located along a few different major Amtrak lines, including the Sacramento-San Jose Capital Corridor and the Seattle-Los Angeles Coastline train, which provides access to San Jose from all over the Western United States.

Once inside the city, there are several transportation option for getting around. One option is to take advantage of the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority train system, which is a local bus and light-rail train system. The public transportation system provides service to San Jose, as well as several other communities located in the Santa Clara area. There are a total of about 60 different bus lines and three different train lines. Over 100,000 people use the transportation system on a daily basis.

Due to the city's proximity to San Francisco, there is a dedicated commuter line established to connect the two cities. The Caltrain train line is a heavy rail line that connects the two cities and has over 30 different stations and stops in between. Many of the stations can also be used to connect to some of the other public transportation options in the city. Approximately 40,000 passengers use the train system on a daily basis.