Getting Around San Ramon

The City of San Ramon entered the ranks of "Best workplace for commuters" in 2009 and 2010 after meeting the National standard of Excellence for commuter benefits. This means that traffic and air pollution in this city is below the minimal pollution levels. The impact of this achievement on health and quality of life is immense. Also, the transportation network in and around the city is excellent. For example, the City of San Ramon in California is served by 3 airports all found within 30 miles from the city center.

Oakland International Airport is within 14 miles from the city center while the other two airports, the San Francisco International Airport and San Jose International Airport, are about 25 miles away from the city center. There are some smaller local airports that are even closer to the city center, and one of the closer airports is only 11 miles away. Air transportation can be used by travelers who need to get to far-flung locations in the shortest time possible. A lot of different airlines operate at these major airports, and they include both premium and budget airlines. As major airports near San Ramon, all three international airports can accommodate both international and domestic flights.

In the City of San Ramon, an equally effective and efficient public transportation system exists on the roads. San Ramon has a total of 20 Amtrak train stations all within 30 miles from the city center. Twenty of these stations offer different features for travelers. For instance, some of the stations are accessible on wheelchairs while others are not. A good number of the stations provide travelers with public telephones and restroom facilities. Unfortunately, none of the Amtrak stations handles checked baggages. In some of the stations, there are automated teller machines and snack bars. Additionally, there are other railway transportation systems that can be used to get to different parts of the city.

Public bus service in the City of San Ramon is provided by County Connection. Taxis are also used to transport visitors in and out of the city. Yellow cabs, the flagship taxis in the United States, operate within the city and its environs. Taxis can be used to travel to the three international airports serving the city. The City of San' Ramon takes pride in its transportation system, and more projects are underway to help decongest the city at this very moment.