Getting Around Seattle

The Seattle area is served by one international airport known as the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. This is usually shortened to SeaTac in conversation. There is also an airport, Boeing Field, that is located near downtown. Boeing Field is used for cargo flights.

One of the main transportation options in Seattle is light rail. The city has developed a light rail system built between the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and the Westlake Center located in downtown Seattle. Departures are from both of these terminals, and eleven stops are made along the line. The trains run from 5 in the morning until the last depature is made and completed starting at 12:50 in the morning. Trains leave every 7.5 minutes during the morning and evening rush hour. During the day, the trains leave at 10 minute intervals switching to 15 minute intervals late in the evening. The schedule is only slightly different during the weekend.

The King County Metro Bus Service is the primary bus service provider in the Seattle metropolitan area. The downtown central business district is a free ride zone. Fares are charged for other routes. Sound Transit offers limited express bus service with the primary destination being the international airport.

Seattle has a very limited monorail service which is essentially a type of elevated rail system. Service is only available back and forth between downtown Seattle and Seattle's major landmark, the Space Needle. Monorails depart every 10 minutes.

A small, less than 3 mile, streetcar line operates between downtown Seattle and an area of Seattle know as South Lake.

The Washington State Department of Transporation operates a ferry system that shuttles passengers to main locations around Puget Sound and beyond. Some destinations include the San Juan Islands, Victoria in British Columbia, Bremerton and Edmonds. The King County Ferry District operates a fleet of water taxis. Service is available by water taxi between Vashon Island and downtown Seattle. Another route offers service between downtown Seattle and West Seattle. Service is available throughout the day and the trips each way take about 15 minutes on the West Seattle to downtown route and about 20 minutes on the Vashon Island route.