Welcome to Sharonville

The town of Sharonville, OH lies in the southwestern corner of the state and covers almost 11 square miles of land. The community features over 20 hotels, which are easily accessible by traveling north or south along I-75, and east or west along I-275. Visitors also find over 70 restaurants serving a variety of cuisines and offering everything from fast food to a fine dining experience.

One of the many attractions in Sharonville, OH includes the fun and interesting Heritage Village Museum. The living history museum contains 13 different buildings and equipment obtained from other locations and relocated for preservation purposes. Turn back time to the 1800s while exploring the many exhibits throughout the recreated community. Period costumed interpreters provide interesting facts, demonstrations and educational classes. Learn about daily life and public service before the invention of modern conveniences. Visitors may also attempt many of the crafts and chores demonstrated.

Archeology enthusiasts and fans of dinosaurs love the Trammel Fossil Park in Sharonville, OH. The Trammel family donated 10 acres to the city for the purpose of fossil hunting. Mr. Trammel originally found marine fossils on his property that dated back hundreds of millions of years. He encouraged those desiring to dig to come and explore the land. Before long, the park developed. The facility welcomes visitors of all ages to dig for authentic artifacts in an easily accessible and safe environment. As the ground has never been professionally excavated, the location provides the perfect location for fun and unique exploration.

Rock climbing is a popular sport throughout the world and individuals desiring to learn, enhance skills and have an afternoon of fun visit the Rockquest Climbing Center. The sport does not require super athletic ability, just an interest in attempting something different. Staff at the center provide instruction for visitors who have never experienced the thrill of climbing. Learn climbing with gear, known as belaying, or discover the sport known as bouldering. Climb up and over boulders or tackle the 40-foot wall.

Enjoy fresh air, sunshine and perhaps get a bit of exercise at Sharon Woods. This local park features a number of amenities that include an adventure station, a visitor's center and a two-story indoor play center for children under the age of 12. Walk or jog around the 2.5 mile scenic paved path that encircles the park lake. The location also has two separate nature trails for exploration. Guests may also use a number of picnic areas and shelters located throughout the property.