Southfield Transportation

Public Bus System:
When you are looking for a way to get around town or to the area around Southfield, check out the Public Transportation System. Southfield provides public buses that run throughout the town and to the surrounding areas such as Detroit. Riding the bus is an easy way to get to your next destination and is fairly economical. You can get a bus pass on the bus or at any of the bus terminals.

Reddi-Ride Transportation:
If you have trouble getting on a city bus or are handicapped and need a little bit more aid in getting to your destination, consider calling Reddi-Ride transportation. Reddi-Ride offers vehicles with wheelchair lifts as well as compact vehicles and minivans in case you need more room for groceries or packages. They even offer a boat to transport you across the water if you need.

Private Bus Lines:
When you are looking to travel to Southfield from another town or state, consider traveling by private bus line. There are many private buses such as Greyhound and National Trails that can provide safe and comfortable rides to Southfield. The buses offer plush seating with plenty of leg and head room as well as being climate controlled. Riding in a private bus will allow you to relax during your trip and not have to worry about maneuvering through traffic.

Taxi Cab Companies:
If you want to get around town, but do not have your own vehicle or just do not want to drive, consider calling a taxi to take you to your destination. By calling a cab you can avoid having to drive in the traffic as well as not having to worry about finding a parking spot or having to feed a parking meter. Southfield offers a number of taxi cab companies that can provide you with a comfortable and relaxing ride to your next destination from your hotel, home or wherever you need them to pick you up.

Rental Car Agencies:
If you want to have transportation at your disposal while you are in Southfield, but do not want to rely on public transportation or a taxi cab, consider renting a vehicle at any of the rental car agencies throughout town. Renting a car can allow you the freedom to travel to and from anywhere you need on your own schedule. When you rent a vehicle you can get any size or style of vehicle you need.