Southfield Dining

Original Pancake House
If you love pancakes, then this is the place to eat. They have all kinds of pancakes from buttermilk to banana. They are made with the freshest ingredients and will melt in your mouth. Sprinkle some powdered sugar on them or pour syrup until they are dripping on the sides. The butter is also made from scratch and melts on contact with the pancakes.

Beans and Cornbread
The name says it all. You are sure to get your fill of the best beans in the state as well as yellow cornbread that melts in your mouth. Add some mayonnaise to your beans to give them a southern flavor, or leave them plain so that you can taste the original flavor. You can get a plate of BBQ with your beans if you want to add another flavor to your mouth.

Sweet Lorraine's Café
If you have thought about eating it, then you can probably order it here. This restaurant serves anything from steak to crab cakes. It is small inside, so you might have to talk loud to be heard in a group. However, the food is worth it. The environment is fun and colorful, and you are sure to make a new friend when you eat there.

Pizzeria Biga
This is the place where you can get authentic Italian pizza. Everything is made with spices and ingredients that are authentic to the country. The thin crust is crispy and the meats are just the right size to give flavor but not overwhelm the pizza.

New Seoul Garden Restaurant
Are you interested in trying cuisines from the Orient? If you are, then you should try some of the items on this menu. They serve Vietnamese, Japanese and other foods that are sure to make you want to try something else. Many of the entrees come with multiple side dishes so that you have a variety of foods to choose from.

Star Delicatessen
This is a simple place to eat that serves fresh sandwiches and salads. The corned beef and rye is a popular sandwich, but you can get a French sandwich to dip in a special sauce or something that is more basic like turkey. You cannot eat inside, but it is well worth taking the food home to enjoy it.