South San Francisco Information

South San Francisco is a hidden oasis of the Bay Area in California, located just south of Daly City on the Peninsula. Locals refer to the town as "South City," in much the same way that San Francisco is called "The City." People unfamiliar with the area often mistake South San Francisco as the southern part of the city of San Francisco. South San Francisco is not known as a tourist destination, but a key landmark of the city is visible to anyone who travels along the San Francisco Peninsula or travels through the nearby San Francisco International Airport

Some of the top choices for visitors around the city include:

Sign Hill
Located near San Bruno Mountain State Park, Sign Hill has huge letters on its mountainside which read: "SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO THE INDUSTRIAL CITY". The letters are made of concrete and sit flush with the hillside (in contrast to the raised steel letters of the Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles). A discontinued tradition involved painting the "c"s on the sign blue and the "s"s red in significance of the annual "Big Game" played by Stanford University and the University of California, Berkeley.

Orange Memorial Park
This park has softball fields, soccer fields, picnic grounds, play areas, tennis courts, basketball courts, bocce ball and an indoor swimming pool. It also hosts a farmers market during the summer months and the annual South San Francisco "Day in the Park" in September.

Grand Avenue
From Spruce going South, is considered downtown South San Francisco, with various small shops and restaurants. City Hall is located on Grand Avenue, and to the residents of SSF, it is known simply as "Grand". Grand also runs perpendicular with one of the cities other well known streets, Linden, which connects San Bruno to highway 101.