Syracuse Information

Rosamond Gifford Zoo
The Rosamond Gifford Zoo is a great place to spend the day in Syracuse. Situated on 43 acres, the zoo houses nearly 1,000 animals, birds, reptiles and aquatic creatures. Additionally, the zoo features several exhibits such as an aquarium, a bird aviary, a rainforest and a primate park. Visitors can observe animals like tigers, elephants, monkeys, flamingos and many more living in settings replicated to match their natural habitats. The zoo also offers a wildlife trail where visitors can see the likes of snow leopards, bald eagles, red wolves, pandas and more. Additionally, the zoo offers a cafe and gift shop.

The Museum of Science and Technology
At the Museum of Science and Technology, children and adults both can enjoy hours of fun while learning at the same time. The center features several exciting and informative exhibits where guests can learn about things like the earth, space, the human body, technology and more. Some of the engaging activities include swimming with tropical fish, digging for fossils, and walking through huge replicas of a human heart and brain. Guests are also allowed to operate the controls of a F-16 jet. There are also fun mazes and obstacle courses as well as a recreated cave where guests can learn about stalagmites and stalactites. Watch dazzling shows at the IMAX theater and see the star constellations in the planetarium.

Erie Canal Museum
Visitors can learn about the history of Syracuse and the Erie Canal at this museum. The museum features many intriguing exhibits and artifacts as well as engaging activities for children. Visitors will learn the fascinating facts about the canal system and how people weighed the canal boats in times before modern technology. Visitors can board the canal boats and check out the different quarters to see how people once lived and worked on the boats.

Carousel Center
Shoppers will be delighted to visit the Carousel Center while in Syracuse. The Carousel Center is a huge mall complex featuring around 200 name brand stores. In addition to a large food court, the mall also offers several restaurants, a theater and a miniature golf course.

Comprised of a theater, arena and convention center, the Oncenter is a huge complex that serves as a venue for sporting events, concerts, conventions and more. From hockey games and car shows to Broadway performances and ice shows, the Oncenter always has something exciting going on throughout the year.