Getting Around Troy

Troy, Michigan is a great place to visit. One of the reasons it is ideal is it's easy accessibility to transportation in and around the city center. There are 6 Amtrak train station within 30 miles of the center of Troy. The closest to the city center is only three and a half miles away. 17 miles from Troy is the nearest airport.

To get to and from the airport, you can use the services of All Star Transportation Systems. They provide car and shuttle service to and from the airport and they serve in and around the Troy, MI area. You can book with them before you get there and you can have a car or shuttle waiting for you when your flight arrives, ready to take you on to your next point of destination.

In the town center there is a much more inventive way of getting around. There are actual rental bikes set up to rent out for the day. That is a truly up close and personal way to see the great city of Troy. The daring and adventurous would find this mode of transportation just up their alley. The bikes are all identical in looks, and are in great shape, so no concerns on them breaking down on your day journeys.

Another mode of transportation in Troy, MI is the city's SMART bus system. It is a great transportation system to use. It is inexpensive and gets you all over town. It is also a great way to meet many people while you are here visiting in Troy. You can purchase a day pass while you are here and just pay one simple fee to get you on your way all throughout your day.

If you are more comfortable with using a taxi cab service during your stay in Troy, you can be happy to know that Michigan Green Cabs has service in the Troy, MI and surrounding area. They accept all major credit cards, and they make daily trips to and from local airports. They use cutting edge hybrid technology in their vehicles, making them the green choice to use. You can feel better knowing you went with an environmentally friendly business on your trip of business or pleasure.