Welcome to Tucson

When you set out for Tucson, AZ, you may want to make your first stop on the tour to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, which combines many things you may be seeking in an attraction for the area. Located approximately 14 miles out of the city's center, this museum combines a natural history archive, a botanical garden and a zoo; all centrally located and combined together for your ease and convenience.

Visit Sabino Canyon for outdoors and family recreation. You and the entire family can hike this canyon to quench your taste for adventure and activity together. You can all take the tram up the canyon if the heat is high and tour the area and come down by foot.

If you are in the mood for illusion and entertainment, visit the Carnival of Illusion, located west of the Randolph Golf Course. Here you and your party will be treated to the art of illusion as entertainment, in an intimate setting, and is referred to as the Old World Intimate Illusion Show. This parlor magic show is fun and appropriate for the whole family.

The Fox Theater offers a beautiful spectacle, based on the architecture itself. This refurbished movie theater is splendidly decorated, warm and cozy so you can enjoy the splendor while you watch films in this downtown historic spot.

You can visit the University of Arizona to take a tour of the beautiful campus grounds. While there, you can gain information and appreciation of the landscape surrounding the campus since the university is committed to celebrating its surroundings. It is easily accessible by foot so you and your party can get in some activity while you tour the scenic campus.

A trip to the Tucson Botanical Gardens will give you and your family a chance to stretch and enjoy the beauty of Tucson, AZ. The Botanical Gardens, located in the city center, offer education programs to help residents and visitors to the area more aware of the surrounding desert environment. This spot also features a large collection of bird houses, a train set and more. You can also enjoy a delicious breakfast on the grounds.

Make a stop at the Reid Park Zoo, which may be small, but the intimacy of seeing the animals up so close more than makes up for its small size. The desert zoo creates a lush and warm atmosphere for its animals and visitors.