Getting Around Tulsa

Tulsa, OK is your destination, and you are anxious to get there, right? There are two main ways to get to this beautiful city. More than likely, you have already ruled out driving, so you can ride the Greyhound, or you can ride an airplane. Unfortunately, Tulsa is not accessible by the train.

Transportation in and around Tulsa, OK is limited to a few options. Getting around in this wonderful city is easier by car. Fortunately, the city of Tulsa is built on a grid system; thus, it is super easy to navigate. The streets are designed to be about 1 mile apart. In addition, the streets are labeled in alphabetical order when traveling from north to south. If you are going east to west, you can expect to see numbered streets.

If you prefer to not rent a car, it is important to stay in a central location. For example, visitors will find it easier to get around in Tulsa if they stay downtown. Transportation in and around Tulsa, OK is possible with a taxi; however, it is not the best mode of transportation if you are not going far. Most taxi cabs have a minimum of a $10 charge per trip, so if you are going down the street, this is not the best option.

There are many great things to see and do in Tulsa, and you will most likely want to go from place to place. A taxi cab is not practical in this case, but if you do decide to use the cab, you should make sure of what the cab charges before you get in the car.

Tulsa does have a transit system, but it is truly your last resort. Tulsa has a very speckled bus system. The bus does provide good coverage to most areas. However, if you are staying in the downtown area, you will have a little bit better luck.

If you are not staying downtown, using the public transit system is simply not a good idea at all. The bus can get you to some key sites of interest from the downtown area.

The best way to explore Tulsa, OK is by car. If you decide to not rent a vehicle, you should pick a hotel that is in the downtown area. Staying in the right location can make transportation in and around Tulsa, OK more simple. Once you get to Tulsa, you will almost certainly want to come back again and again.