Warren Transportation

Traveling in and around Warren, Michigan can be accomplished in a number of ways. Warren, Michigan offers six Amtrak trains all within 30 miles of the city, SMART local transit systems, taxis, as well as car and bicycle rental shops. Depending on the distance between locations and the location of your destination, you can select a mode of transportation that fits your needs and budget.

Flying to Warren Michigan is fairly inexpensive. As one of the largest suburbs of the region, Warren, Michigan has one airport, although the Detroit airport is just 20 miles north.

For traveling within the city and outskirts of Warren, Michigan, consider taking one of the city's SMART buses. The SMART bus operates seven days a week, 22 hours a day, and offers a special service for seniors and individuals with disabilities. Bus rides can be purchased with cash, passes, or tickets for very reasonable rates. With more than 40 routes to choose from and more than 5,300 bus stops, SMART buses can connect people to nearly anywhere they need to go including shopping centers, sports arenas, entertainment venues, cultural events, and more.

Taxi services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the year in Warren, Michigan. Travelers should consider taxis for shorter trips within the main metropolitan city as well as trips to and from the Warren City Airport.

Rental car options are easy to find in Warren, MI. Travelers can use surf the web to find and choose from a range of rental car companies, vehicle types, and rates by completing an online form with desired travel dates and times.

Warren, Michigan offers a variety of bike trails that can be explored by families, friends, and couples. Bicycle rentals can be found within bike shops and roadside kiosks throughout the region. Travelers can rent any number and type of bikes that they need by the hour, day, or week. Bicycle stores that rent used bikes also typically offer safety gear and accessories, including helmets, seat pads, lights, apparel, and baskets. Staff at bicycle rental shops can fit equipment to bikes for children, teens, and adults.