Warren Information

Warren is located in Macomb County in part of the Detroit metro area. The city is the third largest, in terms of population, in Michigan. The city is a business center and is home to a number of major companies such as General Motors, TACOM and Chrysler. Its various accommodation options and close distance to Detroit makes Warren a popular option for travelers visting other destinations in Michigan. Some of the main attractions include the Veterans Memorial Park and Universal Mall.

The city was named for General Joseph Warren, a central figure who played an important role at the beginning of the American Revolution. Since then, it's claims to fame include the presidential campaign visit of Michael Dukakis in 1988. The candidate entered the city on a tank wearing a helmet, a decision that was later seen as a grave campaign error. Warren was also home to the baseball player John Smoltz, rapper Eminem and underground hip hop duo Twiztid.

Warren has 24 parks, a recreation center and a relatively new community center with indoor water park suited for families and singles alike. The city receives multiple concerts every season from the Warren Symphony Orchestra and hosts a farmers market six months out of the year in the City Square.

Warren has nine recognized Michigan historical markers located within its Historical Village. Each plays tribute to different periods in time in the history of the city. These historical markers include the General Motors Technical Center, John Theisen House and Warren Union Cemetery. Another historical marker in Warren is the Detroit Arsenal Tank Plant. The plant produced around 25 percent of the Sherman tanks used by the United States in World War II and later produced the M1 Abrams tanks.

Two more historical markers are often considered to be part of Warren though they actually lie outside the city borders in Center Line, Michigan. These are the St. Clement Catholic Church and St. Clement Catholic Cemetery.

The famous Dragonmead microbrewery, opened in 1997, is also located in Warren. The U.S. brewery produces American, English, German, Belgium, Scottish, Russian and Norwegian ales as well as German and Czechoslovakian lagers. A total of 47 beers are on tap in the brewery made from 77 types of grain. The bar resembles an English pub with medieval decor.