Warwick Transportation

People traveling to Warwick, Rhode Island, will likely arrive via T.F. Green Airport, which is located just one mile off of I-95, the major interstate that travels through Warwick. Once you arrive at the airport, there are plenty of options available to travel to and around Warwick or to other destinations in Rhode Island.

Even though T.F. Green is a relatively small airport, there are always plenty of taxis waiting outside the airport to pick up passengers and take them to their final destinations. Alternatively, travelers who would prefer to have cars of their own can take rental company specific shuttle buses to one of the many rental agencies in the area. Passengers who did not pre-arrange their car rentals can use the courtesy phones at the arrival terminal to make reservations. Travelers who did make reservations can use the courtesy phones to let rental companies know that they have arrived. Once travelers are safely in their cars, getting to Warwick is a snap. T.F. Green Airport is located almost immediately off of I-95, and signs pointing out the Interstate are easy to find. Once on the interstate, travelers can easily explore other areas of Warwick, like the town's popular mall; head to Providence in a 20 minute trip; or go to Boston in a trip that takes a little more than an hour.

The Rhode Island Public Transportation Association (RIPTA) operates two different bus routes from T.F. Green Airport. One goes to Newport, Rhode Island, and the other goes to Kennedy Plaza, which is located in Providence. Once travelers get to Kennedy Plaza, they can take a taxi to their final destination, or connect to another bus route. Peter Pan Bus Lines also operates a bus that goes from T.F. Green to Kennedy Plaza, South Station in Boston, or Logan Airport in Boston.

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) has a station stop near T.F. Green Airport. The facility is called the InterLink. At the InterLink, travelers will find MBTA service, a parking garage, rental car services, and a covered walkway between the structure and the airport.