Westborough Information

Whether you are interested in a family vacation, a solo adventure, or a chance to be immersed in New England culture, Westborough is an ideal place to travel. Be careful though! Once you experience the wholesome beauty of this historic community, you might not want to leave.

Historic Westborough is a picturesque New England town with a population of about 18,000 located conveniently off the Massachusetts Turnpike. It is the birthplace of Eli Whitney Jr. who invented the cotton gin and mass production. Also a source of pride is the Westborough minutemen who took part in the Revolutionary War. Westborough was founded as the 100th town in Massachusetts in 1717 when it made its economy through apple orchards and dairy farms. The patriotic history is evident everywhere you look, from the architectural style to the informative plaques throughout town.

One of the best parts of Westborough is its beautiful scenery. If being outdoors is your ideal vacation, you will have no shortage of fun. Westborough is home to Chauncy Lake which offers reasonably priced beach passes throughout the summer as well as many other outdoor recreations.

There are many dining options to choose from too. Top of the line seafood can be found at a number of different venues, serving traditional New England dishes, such as clam chowder and lobster salads. For local delicacies and to truly honor the history of this dairy farming community, try Harry's, located on route 9 in Westborough. Harry's is a family owned, roadside diner, serving their infamous fried clams, homemade ice cream, barbecue, and numerous other seafood dishes. Harry's has been around since 1946 and is well known for having the best home cooking in Westborough.

If you are planning to travel to Westborough, you might consider staying at a bed and breakfast. The Sleigh Maker Inn is a charming bed and breakfast, in a large Victorian home, located at 87 West Main Street. It offers three rooms, each with a personal bathroom, a queen size bed with luxury bedding, and a classic New England feel.

Westborough has much to offer the vacationer seeking peace, quiet, rich American history, some outdoor fun, and that wholesome New England feel. From the moment you first arrive, sight-see the historic highlights, partake in some traditional American delicacy, enjoy the beautiful landscape, to when you settle into your Victorian bed and breakfast, you won't be disappointed.