West Palm Beach Transportation

Located in southeastern Florida, West Palm Beach is an urban area right by the Inter-coastal Waterway or the Atlantic coast. As of 2012, it is one of the most populated cities in Palm Beach County, which in turn is the third largest region in the state of Florida. Additionally, West Palm Beach is the oldest incorporated city, and one of the major metropolitan areas in South Florida.

Living in West Palm Beach positions the residents directly in the middle of all the exciting things in the city. Despite the convenient location, its living standard is lower than the neighboring town of Palm Beach and the Palm Beach Island. Luxurious beaches and resorts of the area are minutes away from Boca Raton and merely one and a half hour away from northern Miami.

But for the people currently residing in West Palm Beach, how do they get in and around places in the area? Can they just take a walk along the open area? Fortunately, West Palm Beach has a very well-established transportation system. Residents can travel from one place to another by driving their own cars, riding a train, catching a cab and going on a bus.

West Palm Beach is home to the Amtrak, Tri-Rail and the Palm Beach International Airport, which provide transportation connecting the city to Miami Beach. The public transportation system is run by Palm Tran, which is a transportation company with networks all over the nation.

Besides the public transportation system, private cabs and vehicles are the principal modes of transportation in Palm Beach. Alternatively, some residents may choose to travel on bicycles. However, since most of the roads of West Palm Beach are not compatible with bikers, riding a bike can be quite dangerous.

Along the Sloan's curve that connects the East Ocean Avenue and Lantana, it is quite common to see bikers, runners and strollers sharing the two mile long pedestrian trail beside the beautiful coastline. While it might be a great way to exercise, the best route to travel in and around West Palm Beach is still on the interstate system via bus, cab, car or train.