Williamsburg Information

Jamestown Settlement
Jamestown Settlement is a reconstructed settlement of the first enduring English settlement in America. This living museum focuses on educating visitors about how people lived in the 1600s through numerous demonstrations and hands-on activities. The site gives visitors the opportunity to walk through both a Powhatan Indian village and English settlement to see first hand how people worked, cooked and played. Visitors can also explore replicas of the three ships that landed at Jamestown in 1607 from England.

Historic Jamestowne
While Jamestown Settlement is a reconstructed site, Historic Jamestowne is the actual, original site of the first English settlement in the United States. As an active archaeological site, Historic Jamestowne offers a museum that houses artifacts previously unearthed from the area. Visitors can enjoy various activities such as glass blowing and scenic walking trails. A restaurant is also on site where visitors can eat a hearty meal overlooking the river.

William and Mary College
Established in 1693, William and Mary College is America's second oldest university. Guided tours are offered through the university where visitors can experience America's early history by walking in the metaphoric footsteps of former first presidents, Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe and John Tyler. Visitors can explore historical buildings such as the Sir Christopher Wren building, which is America's oldest college structure. Other buildings include the Brafferton that was built in 1723 to house Native American students. Visitors can also stroll the beautifully landscaped grounds of the campus and reflect upon landmarks like the Crim Dell bridge.

Williamsburg Winery
Comprised of more than 50 acres, the Williamsburg Winery shares an interesting background with Williamsburg's earliest history. Tours begin with a brief film to educate guests about the winery's fascinating past and present. Guests can then tour the facilities and observe the wine making process. Up to seven wine samples are offered for tasting at the end of the tour.

Busch Gardens
Families can enjoy a whole day of fun and adventure at Williamsburg's Busch Gardens, an amusement park with European themed attractions and restaurants. Stretching over 350 acres, Busch Gardens offers more than 50 attractions and exciting rides including thrilling roller coasters and live shows. The park also features various animal exhibits such as wolves, Clydesdale horses, sheep and exotic birds. Guests can also enjoy many shopping and dining choices at the park.