Wilmington Transportation

Getting in and around Wilmington, North Carolina can take some planning without a car. The vehicle is the primary transportation method for residents and visitors. The numerous highways allow visitors to get in and around the Wilmington without worrying about transferring buses or waiting in line. That doesn't mean traffic is non-existent. If visitors do not bring their own vehicle into the city, several prominent and quality car rental agencies have set up shop.

Even though 90,000 people live and work in Wilmington, the town doesn't have a vast public transport system like New York City. The city has three main types of public transportation including buses, shuttles and a trolley. When in the downtown area, visitors should take advantage of the trolley. It runs between Fourth and Nutt Streets to the East and West, and Davis and Ann streets to the North and South. Look for the trolley signs to get on the trolley. Just let the trolley driver know when you need to get off. Getting off at intersections is recommended. For the most part, the buses stay around the city and stop at the historic district, UNCW, and many shopping centers. A bus does go to Raleigh daily. The shuttles serve the greater Wilmington area; they go further out to Brunswick County and Castle Hayne. Wilmington's public transit authority encourages the use of bikes. A 20-mile trail dissects the city. Bike ranks are located at parks, greenspaces and various locations across the city.

Getting around the town isn't the only transportation concern for visitors to the historic town. Visitors can take a bus, drive or fly. Only select bus charter services plan trips to Wilmington; plan on booking the trip early. Like transport within the city, cars are the primary method for getting into the city. Major highways surround the town. For those traveling long distances to stay in the historic town and don't want to travel by car, fly into the city's Wilmington International Airport. The airport accepts non-stop flights from the major airports on the east coast. The airport has restaurants before and after the security checkpoint. It also boasts free Wi-Fi throughout the building. Several taxis and limo services with pick travellers up at the airport and drop them off at their destination. Traveling to and around Wilmington can be just as fun and entertaining as seeing the sights.