Winston Salem Information

The city of Winston-Salem, North Carolina was originally founded under the name of Winston all the way back in the year of 1851. It was later changed to the name Winston-Salem, and this occurred in the year of 1913. This is the forth largest metropolitan area in the state of North Carolina.

When you visit Winston-Salem, take a trip to see the old Shell station. Located at Sprague and Peachtree streets, you can't miss it. It is actually a giant sea shell. Then you may want to take a trip over to the Reynolds building. It is located on Main Street. It was constructed in the Art-Deco style back in the year 1929. An interesting fact about this historical building is that it was the very building that was used to model a style for the world famous Empire State Building that is located in New York City. The very same architects modeled and supervised construction on both of these historic structures. The similarities are striking. Finally, you will be sad to miss the Giant Coffee Pot. You will find it in the Main Street area of town. It's an old merchant sign that has stood the test of time. It's made entirely of tin, and looks just like a huge, real coffee pot. Tourists like to take the craziest pictures in front of the old coffee pot.

The weather around Winston-Salem, North Carolina is relatively mild throughout most of the year. Tourists flock to the area to take in the culture of the city, and to enjoy the friendly nature of the down-home southern hospitality you can still find around this town. Boasting several local and state colleges in the area, the nightlife is booming.

Just North of old Salem, you'll find Main Street. This is a great district for shopping and amazing nightclubs. There are a couple of shopping malls and movie theaters to keep you occupied on your trip here, as well. Accommodations are not hard to find in this city of 229,00 people. It will forever be known as the city for the arts for its rich and diverse culture and heritage.